Celebrating the AND.

1 min readJan 18, 2022

Last night, three women and I gathered to explore the AND.

The previous evening, one of us had shared the itchy feelings that swirled around living between two worlds, the duality, and what came with that. As I listened, the healing remedy came to me as an Essence. Integration.

Integration was the magic potion.

Integration, The Queen of AND.
We decided to meet on the full moon and get closer to its healing balm.

Last night, around a massive carved wooden table, as salsa music came in through the house’s open windows, we wrote, spoke, and painted — really, we celebrated the AND.

We explored the dance of being in Community AND in Solitude.
Of Freedom AND Belonging.
Flying AND Nesting.
Generosity AND Boundaries.
Human Being AND Soul.
Acting AND Resting.
Aging AND Beauty.

As we talked and listened, a softening took place, a permission, an invitation. Pretty soon, a celebration.

Away from the convenience of black and white, we touched the taupe gray tenderness of the places where Wild meets Wise and Building meets Undoing.

Slowly, I could feel the fingers of our lives interweaving naturally just as our “usness” shimmied pleasurably, happily taking more space.

All the space it needed. Unapologetically and sacredly. Space for the AND, for all of who we are and have been — and will be.

There is peace in the AND. Healing, too.



Born/raised in France, adulted in the U.S., now living in a Mexican village. Happiness Coach. Teacher. TEDx Speaker. Dancing with Life’s Magic & Being Guided.